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Underground Sprinkler System Installation Tips
Whether you’re planning an outsourced or DIY approach to your sprinkler system installation, Hydro-Power Sprinklers has the insight and expertise to help.

Choosing a Contractor for Your Underground Sprinklers
When choosing a contractor for your inground sprinkler system, demand the very best. Your contractor is your partner in creating a better property, and should be able to address the following requirements:

  • Priority #1: We are Licensed & Insured - Irrigation contractors must be licensed and insured, per the state of NJ. This protects you and ensures that your contractor is expert in irrigation.
  • Financing options are available with Hydro-Power Sprinklers. Please contact us directly to discuss your payment options regarding your personal quote.
  • Get your sprinkler contract in writing - Your service contract should cover everything included in the job: type of sprinkler heads, zone valves, timers, rain sensors, and service plans. We will have you covered.
  • Backflow preventions are a must – Too much pressure in your inground sprinkler systems can compromise drinking-water supply pressure and cause a reverse flow. Sudden loss of pressure from water-main breaks or other causes can cause back-siphonage (suction). Backflow prevention protects your lawn and water system and should be a part of every installation. We are backflow experts.
  • Secure permits for the installation of a sprinkler system in NJ – You must have the proper permits. Check with local code Ocean County officials for complete details and requirements. We can help.

Reach out to the NJ Sprinkler System Experts

If you have any further questions about lawn sprinkler systems in NJ, please contact us. We are always here to help.


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